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Report: Boost Competitiveness by Leveraging Global Benefits and Total Rewards

45% of companies find it difficult to meet employee expectations. Are you meeting your employees' expectations for rewar...

Event: Benify Digital Summit

Our inaugural Benify Digital Summit is scheduled for the 20th of June at 2:30pm BST. Featuring a prestigious lineup of s...
API and Integrations

Introducing Benify API Connect

Discover Benify API Connect which enables you to integrate your existing systems with our powerful API seamlessly.

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How to Implement a Sustainable Employment Strategy in a Data-Driven Way

One of the most talked about topics in recruitment circles and discussions around employee data (also known as people an...
Employee Benefits Employee Communication Client Case

MSD Client Case

Before working with Benify, creating awareness and communicating with employees about their benefits had been challengin...
Employee Experience Webinar

Webinar: The New Employee Experience

How do you create a positive overall experience for employees in this digital era, and why is it important?
Employee Experience E-Book

The New Employee Experience

In our e-book, The New Employee Experience: How to maximise and optimise every step of the employee journey, we explore ...
Total Reward Client Case

Ambea Client Case

Read how Ambea uses Benify's market leading benefits and total rewards platform to reach their entire workforce, many wh...
Report E-Book

The Backroom to the Board: The Rise of HR

From strategy to employee experience: How is HR shaping the future of work? HR, as an industry, is still in its infancy,...